Fungicide Mixture Products

A reasonable mixture of Fungicides make crops stronger and resistant to various diseases.
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Azoxystrobin + Chlorothalonil 60g/L+500g/L SC Powerful fungicide mixture
Cymoxanil + Mancozeb 8%+64% WP Combination fungicide with protective and curative action
Fludioxonil + Metalaxyl-M 25g/L + 10g/L FS Powerful fungicide mixture
Hexaconazole + Azoxystrobin 30%+10% SC Powerful fungicide mixture
Thiram + Carboxin 17%+17%FS, 20%+20%FS, 20%+20%SC, 37.5%+37.5%WP, 37.5%+37.5%WS Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Dimethomorph + Mancozeb 6%+40%WP, 12%+60%WP Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Azoxystrobin + Difenoconazole 20%+12.5%SC, 25%+15%SC Powerful fungicide mixture
Carbendazim + Chlorothalonil 25%+25%SC Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Carbendazim + Diethofencarb 25%+25%WP Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture
Cyproconazole + Difenoconazole 0.63%+3%SC Broad-spectrum fungicide mixture